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52 Weeks of Baking – Week 4: Frosting/Filling – Blackberry Cream Cheese Danishes

Breakfast in bed for the hubby today!  He’s REALLY enjoying this new cooking venture.  He hasn’t liked every single dish (I haven’t either), but he really likes trying new foods.

These danishes are not really danishes.  More like blackberry cream cheese turnovers. Adam really liked them, but I found the filling to be a bit grainy.  Maybe I’ll like them better when they’re cool.  I used this recipe from the Food Network and added a small spoonful of blackberry jam to each danish before sealing them.  The filling wasn’t actually supposed to bleed through the seams, but they’re actually kind of pretty that way!

This recipe was not very complicated at all.  The biggest things to remember are that you need to let your cream cheese soften, and you don’t need to over-beat the filling.  In reality, this will take you about an hour the first time you make them, so give yourself enough time!  I suggest finding a thin icing to pipe on the top, as they could have used a bit more sweetness.  As far as the folding goes, be creative!  I think the recipe intends you to fold them into triangles, but where’s the fun in that?  I liked the ones where I folded all the corners to the middle, but have fun!

Hubby’s rating: 4 (out of 5)

My rating: 2 (out of 5)

Difficulty rating: 2 (out of 5)



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52 weeks of Cooking – Week 2: Chinese – Boneless Spare Ribs


Does this look like a pile of poo to you?  It does to me too.  I’m really trying to be positive in these posts, and I’m sure I’ll find something that I love, but this recipe was not good.  The ribs were soggy, and the flavor was a sickening blend of sweet and smoky that even Adam (hubby) found unpalatable.  If you know him, you know that he’ll eat just about anything.  He did eat these…after dousing them with sriracha!  The recipe was from a cookbook that I downloaded for free on my kindle, so I won’t bother posting it, as I do not recommend it.

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