About what?

Is this supposed to be an “About Me” page?  If so, here goes:

I’m Bonnie.  I’m a 28 year-old stay-at-home mom/wife/counselor/composer/arranger.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that God instilled in all of us at the time of our creation a deep-seated need to create.  After all, we were created in His image, and He is the Creator of everything.  This drive to create comes out in different ways in everyone.  So-called “creative” people may find creative fulfillment in the Arts.  A more mechanically minded person may fill this need in building something.  Nurturing-types of people may fill their need to create by raising children.  Search your desires, and I guarantee that you will find that you are at least attempting to fulfill some creative need.

Bringing the topic back to this blog, one way that I am creative is in my cooking.  Creating a dish out of a bunch of different ingredients (whether from a recipe or not) makes me happy.  If I’m not using a recipe, it’s like I’m writing a piece of music, using the experience I’ve obtained from years of listening to and performing music.  If I am using a recipe, it’s like I’m performing a piece that someone else has written, putting my own emotion and ability into it.  If I’m modifying a recipe, it’s like I’m arranging a piece written in one medium for a different set of instruments.

After seeing the 52 weeks of cooking challenge on reddit, I realized that I wanted to expand my repertoire!  So this blog is simply keeping track of these creative efforts.


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