52 Weeks of Cooking – Week 4: Pan-fried – Chicken Marsala

27 Jan

Let me start by saying that I wasn’t really looking forward to pan-fried week on 52weeksofcooking.  I don’t pan-fry very much, mostly because I really don’t like the taste of most oils.  I had some marsala wine leftover from making a tiramisu (should I do a post on that sometime?  Anyone interested?) and since the first step in chicken marsala is to pan-fry the chicken breasts, I figured I could give it a shot.  I used this recipe by Emeril Lagasse.

The good thing about this recipe taste-wise is that there is no call for vegetable oil or canola oil or any of the other oils that I find gross.  Just olive oil and butter.  I made my own chicken stock (or chicken broth, as I didn’t put any vegetables in it) which I recommend doing whenever possible.

This recipe turned out rather well, all things considered.  I would recommend upping the amount of spice in the flour dredge, as I thought the chicken was a bit bland.  The flavor of the marsala and chicken stock sauce was fantastic!

I would give this recipe a 4/5 for taste and a 2.5/5 for difficulty level.

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